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Bobbi Siffledeen

"You my friend are a life changer, game changer, inspirational motivator! I am beyond grateful for what you have done for me and more importantly my family. I lived for most of my life in fear of food. Always looking for the next best "diet" and listening to all of the experts avoiding fruit!!! Seriously??! Then binging like a crazy woman on Saturday (and often Sunday too) because I was starving the rest of the week. Trying to live off of 1000-1200 calories a day or less! Hating myself, crying in change rooms. etc etc etc no more!!

I now enjoy Everything! I eat fruit all day! Lol and many other wonderful things that I'd never allow myself to have before. Bread, pasta, pizza yes even McDonald's if I feel like it!! I do keep it pretty clean most of the time but if I feel like an ice cream I can have it now without feeling like I want to slit my throat!

And then there's the training... I've never had more fun! And the feeling of accomplishment when you do something for the first time.... still brings tears to my eyes as I write this. I was that sad fat girl standing on the sidelines, bullied through school and too afraid to try anything after that because I had convinced myself that I couldn't possibly do it. I wasn't one of the lucky ones. I wasn't athletic, I didn't take dance or play any sports like all the other girls growing up. So no way in hell was I going to be able to do it as a 46 year old woman right? WRONG! I'm doing It and I'm loving it! The first time you called me a natural athlete Pete I cried in my car when I left the gym that day... tears of so much gratitude I Can Do It!! I'm doing it!! Thank you for gently compassionately showing me the way." 

Scott Christian

"I started training with Pete in September of 2015 weighing 325 lbs. 12 months later we took the picture on the right at 229 lbs! Pete made losing weight simple for me and I still got to eat my favorite foods every day. He taught me the importance of balance and was there for me every week through the ups and downs. I can do things now that I never thought possible before, like running a half marathon and doing real chin ups! 

I am also certain that getting into great shape helped me and my wife have our first child. Since moving across the country, I still train with Pete through online training and we are working on my first muscle-up! Thank you for all that you have taught me Pete. You've opened me to a whole new life with new experiences and I am grateful for that."

Start Seeing Results.

Take a second and go find a mirror. I want you to go ahead and take a picture in front of the mirror of your body. Have you done it yet? Good. 

You have just taken your before picture. Now there might be things that you aren't so happy about in that photo. Don't worry thats going to change. In a short amount of time you will be doing the same thing again. Only this time it will be your after picture. 

The first thing that is important to understand is that where you are at now is not your fault. In the world today we aren't always given the best advice when it comes to losing weight. Take this pill, wear this wrap, buy this workout, yoga, zumba, low carb. It is enough to make anyone's head spin! It's hard to choose the right thing to do with so many failed weight loss plans. The reason you haven't lost weight up to this point isn't because you don't want it, or that you are lazy, or that for some reason you aren't capable of losing weight. The only problem that you have is that you haven't had someone in your corner to help you get there. Up to this point you have been going it alone. 

Now if you wanted to make a fine meal you wouldn't have to go out and learn how to farm to get the ingredients for the meal. If you wanted to listen to some good music you wouldn't have to go to the studio and record it yourself. It's not your job to have to understand how to get into shape when it's not your specialty. As a personal trainer I am here to help you forget about having to figure everything out on your own and help you get to the point where you see the results you want. 

So what is the solution? You can still get an exercise program customized just for you. A plan designed by a certified personal trainer affordably and easily online. In addition to the clients who I train in person. I am making myself available for a limited amount of online personal training clients. For less than the price of a latte at Starbucks a day you can receive all of the benefits of an in-person trainer with the ease and convenience of logging on to your computer or smart phone!

Easily track your workouts, nutrition, and measurements to keep you motivated and seeing progress every week. I will be guiding you throughout your journey and am only a quick message away, should you need any help at all. 

10 Reasons Why Online Training Works

1. It's convenient: Workout on your own time wherever you like. You don't have to be tied down to your trainers schedule. Whether it's the break of dawn or midnight, it's a good time to workout with a personal trainer.

2. It's affordable: The average trainer costs $45-$75/hour. At my studio, Custom Fit, I charge $125/hour. Online training with me costs less than one studio session for a whole month of workouts!

3. It's Private: If you are first starting out it can be intimidating to walk into a gym and meet a trainer for the first time. Training online takes away the stress and pressure. It's just as easy as messaging with a friend on Facebook or any other social media website.

4. It's Adaptable: Whether you work out at home or have a gym membership, we'll work together to use what is available to you to give you a great workout!

5. It's Certified: Did you know that commercial gyms hire trainers after just a 4 day classroom course? Hiring Peter gets you a Certified Personal Trainer with a degree in Kinesiology and 21 years experience.

6. It's Clear: Every workout will be accompanied with videos of exercises that can be referenced over and over, the number of sets and reps you should do for every exercise, rest periods, and customized stretches.

7. It's Interactive: Not only do you get access to all of your workouts but you also can track your stats like body weight, progress pics, nutrition macros, and measurements. Every workout is tracked so that Peter can see and make adjustments to ensure you progress every week!

8. It's Connected: Unlike your  in person trainer who is too busy trying to sell you NO EXPLODE EXTREME FAT RIPPER X supplement to you after your session to answer your questions, Peter is always there to answer any of your fitness questions. So it doesn't matter when you next workout is, if you have a question you can easily contact me right away. 

9. It's Simple: It can be hard to know exactly what to do to accomplish your fitness goals. Unfortunately even though the internet is filled with tips and advice. Not all of it is helpful. Cut through all of the confusion and get a training plan that works for you! Spend more time working out and less time planning. 

10. It Works: When paired with a good personal trainer you are far more likely to achieve your goal then on your own. There is a reason why celebrities always hire personal trainers to get in shape for a role. It's because they can't afford not to get to where they need to be and the best way is with help from a fitness professional. Even though you aren't a celebrity you deserve to get the same kind of results for your own goals. 

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